Document Processing Automation

CONSOLmx can extract your data from existing systems and digitally replicate it in the form of a variety of business documents with complete control over the presentation of layout and structure. There are virtually no restrictions on the types of documents that can be generated. The process is also automated so that our system searches your data for new records then uses that data to produce new documents and sends them for distribution via whatever method your Members have selected.

Data Extraction

CONSOLmx can retrieve data out of your internal or 3rd party systems. We will store a copy in our secure solution for processing and archival access to documents.

File Transfer

Processed files can also be transferred back into your system or other 3rd party solutions for consumption or storage.

Data Import

Any data that is generated in our system can also be appended back into your original system or prepared for importing into 3rd party systems .

Data Normalization

CONSOLmx can organize data to improve appearance across all fields and records in order to make the information easier to consume and analyze.

Data Hygiene

CONSOLmx can clean your data to make sure it is free from corrupt or inaccurate records. Automated data hygiene options include CASS, DPV, NCOA, deduplication, genderization, case adjustments, and optimized presort.

Document Composition

Our team of industry experts can take your data and design effective document templates to be used in the process automation.

Document Processing Automation FAQ

Document processing is the execution of production processes that convert analog data in a digital document. Document processing is not simply making an image or scan of a document, but to identify and separate each component and capture it digitally.

There are virtually no limits on the types of documents that are good for processing but tables of data can be easily repurposed.

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