PDF Builder

Creative customization at your fingertips

Increasing Member touchpoints is a key element of improving Member Experience but is often not an achievable goal because of bottlenecks in workflow and additional costs. Decentralizing the creation of messaging while still maintaining brand consistency is within reach due to online tools like CONSOLmx.

  • Prepare documents for Print of Demand (POD)
  • Create your own library of approved templates
  • Ensure adherence to brand standards
  • Integrate templates with other data streams
  • Use PDFs to create complete workflows with Marketing Automation

Intuitive Layout Personalization Tools

Save time with our streamlined workflow. Personalization, proof creation, and approval of documents all happen online. 
  • Upload images or use approved image libraries.
  • Add location maps and QR codes on creative
  • Customizable data is clearly defined and formatted for brand consistency.
  • Download digital PDF proofs to send for approval or to production.

PDF Builder FAQ

A PDF Builder is software that allows a user to design and assemble a new document from a library of defined assets. These assets can include:

  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Headlines
  • Addresses and Contact Information
  • Text

After generating a PDF it can be:

  • Saved in your library
  • Emailed to a contact or list
  • Saved to your computer and printed
  • Generate an order for professional printing and distribution
  • Become a component in an automated marketing program

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