Marketing Automation

Bolster your member experience with CRM integration, email marketing, lead development, and ROI reporting.

This tool is perfect for helping your health insurance sales team shorten sales cycles and accomplish more with fewer resources by defining automatic processes and decentralizing marketing outreach. Quickly launch campaigns using a library of prebuilt templates or use the online PDF builder to create a new piece of creative. Digital Asset Management is completely built in to ensure staying on brand. Managing your mailing lists is also at your fingertips with services including CASS Certification, NCOA (National Change of Address), processing, case adjustments and Delivery Point Validation.

Conduct multichannel marketing campaigns including:






Personalized Websites

Enhanced Delivery Support

CASS Certification

CONSOLmx has live integration with software that is certified by the US Postal Service to ensure that the handoff between us and the mail carriers flows smoothly.


Ensure your mail is delivered to the correct address by comparing your mailing list against NCOA. ​

Mail Processing

CONSOLmx will ensure your marketing materials are prepared for the approved delivery method accurately and efficiently.

Delivery Point Validation

Delivery Point Validation confirms that a specific address exists and that it can be delivered to.

Marketing Automation FAQ

Marketing automation is the process of producing and distributing documents and marketing material through scripted procedures.

NCOA stands for National Change of Address and is a secure database that holds 160 million permanent change-of-address records. Comparing your mailing list against NCOA helps to ensure more of your mail is delivered to a recipients current address.

CONSOLmx can automate the distribution of marketing by print, direct mail, email and personalized websites.

CASS, (the Coding Accuracy Support System) is a voluntary certification system provided by the United States Postal Service for mail services providers. CASS certification means that a service or application works correctly with the internal USPS systems within the United States.

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