Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

CONSOLmx will automate the creation and delivery of your EOBs. You maintain complete control over the project management with the knowledge that your partner will handle all the technical details of the security and reliability of your process. We can even design a custom form that meets the needs of your specific company.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) FAQ

EOB is short for Explanation of Benefits. It is issued by your insurance provider each time a claim of service is made against your policy. It will contain all the details of your service including the date of service, the provider, the cost of the service including the amount negotiated by your carrier, the amount paid by the carrier and the amount you owe. It is not a bill however. Your invoice will come directly by your service provider. 

Your insurance carrier will typically have an example of their specific form of EOB on their website with instructions for use.

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