ID Cards

Health Plan ID cards are a Member's passport to care and coverage. They often contain a lot of necessary information such as straightforward identification information about the Member covered and their policy. Other carrier-related information may include: Carrier and Contact Information, Policy Holder and/or their Dependants, Covered Person's ID Number, Group Number, Plan Type/Plan Name, Payment Information, Out-of-Network Partners, Prescription Benefits, Formulary, Prescription Costs, Pharmacy Network, Rx BIN (banking identification number), and other Helpful Resources. such as a phone number to direct any questions about the details of a Member's plan. Bar codes are often used to make capturing a Member's plan easier for a Provider. Ask us for help in designing a card that meets your specific needs.

ID Cards FAQ

  •  HMO (health maintenance organizations)
  • PPO (preferred provider organizations)
  • EPO insurance plans (exclusive provider organizations)
  • HDHP (high deductible health plans)
    Essential Plan

Absolutely. Bar codes. QR codes. If your system works with a specific coding format we can produce it on your ID cards.

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