Letters and Notices

As changes occur during the policy life that cause the policy to go into or out of effect, the Member or Policy Holder will need to be notified of the changes. CONSOLmx can set up automated processes that trigger these documents to be sent to the Member.

Policy Cancellation Notices

When a policy is completely withdrawal or terminated before the stipulated date of maturity a Policy Cancellation Notice needs to be sent to the Member.

Reinstatement Letters

Once specific requirements for reinstatement of the cancelled policy are met, and the cancelled policy has been reinstated, a Reinstatement Letter should also be sent to the Member.

Policy Renewal Notices

At the end of the policy period a letter stating the policy will be renewing will need sent to the Member. This letter often contains any changes to the policy and rates that will affect the new policy.

Letters and Notices FAQ

Typically there is a data connection made between your internal systems and CONSOLmx. You can set automatic triggers based on the number of days an account is past due or a manually entry.

Yes. You can override automatic processes of individual records within he CONSOLmx interface.

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