Welcome Kits

Welcome Kits are an essential component in starting Member Experience off on the right foot. CONSOLmx has the experience and wide variety of production tools in our facilities to produce the perfect Welcome Kit for your Insurance Agency. Personalized Variable-Printed Brochures, Dimensional Boxes with Promotional Items, even Digital Microsites. Let's talk about how to delight your new Members.

Welcome Kit FAQ

A good Welcome Kit must have:

  • Agent’s Bio and Contact Info
  • Policy Documentation
  • Member Handbook
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Online Access
  • Guidance and Resources for Filing/Disputing Claims

Including Promotional items with a Welcome Kit can save the cost of sending them separately. CONSOLmx can source the perfect item that reinforces your brand and makes a great first impression.

Let’s have a conversation!

We don’t want to waste your time any more than we want to waste ours. But, if you’re curious about how CONSOLmx might be able to help you, we believe just talking it out would be time well spent.